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Why change domain name?

Because the webmaster business adjustment, so we have to change the home domain name, thank you for your presence, because of your support, life will be more exciting.

You can click on the following address to jump to the corresponding page, to see the webmaster's latest updates.

Peilin HomePage https://blog.ailcc.com

Peilin Music https://music.ailcc.com

Peilin Imgaes https://img.ailcc.com

Customer service https://plkf.ailcc.com

About Us

This site was founded in 2008, at the beginning of only HTML static page, and only support LAN access, in 2010, the real sense of the establishment of personal pages.

In 2015, xiong hai blog V1.5 was started.

In 2017, the UI style will be completely updated based on the V1.5 version of xiong hai blog.

2019, webmaster business adjustment, asp version of the blog program is no longer updated, began to use the LImh template!



Disable all API functions, save mouse click event animation.

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Disable all song parsing functions.

Fixed hotlinking parsing problem after deactivated parsing.

customer service

Please contact webmaster for details, or go to online customer service system experience


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